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Our farm excels in breathing boer goats of different kinds so that the customers have a range to select. These goats are categorised according to their looks and and quality so that it is easy for us to provide you with the best livestock. Apart from this we also maintain the standards created by the American Boer Goat Association which include features like goats head, neck, forequarters, barrel, hindquarters, legs, skin, coverings, sexual organs, size, colouring, tail and the general appearance over all.


As of now there are five different types of boer goats that are available at our farm. To give you an idea of all of them here is a small list that we have put together.
The Ordinary Boer Goats

These goats are known for their good meat conformation. Their appearance include short hair and a variety of colour patterns.

Ordinary Boer Goats
The Long Hair Boer Goats

If you're looking for goats that come with a full coat and coarse meet then this is the perfect category.

Long Hair Boer Goats
The Polled Boer Goats

The polled boer goats are hornless animals which have a less desirable need confirmation.

Polled Boer Goats
The Indigenous Boer Goats

These goats are available with poor meat confirmation and have long legs. They too are available in various colour patterns.

Indigenous Boer Goats
The Improved Boer Goats

This is one of the most primary line of goats that you will find at our farm. This category meets the American Boer Goat Association standards to the T.

Improved Boer Goats


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