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Naturally bred boer goats are something that most people consider these days due to the health aspects. With the increasing demand of these goats and other livestocks we understand how important it is to keep up the quality of the bred animal so that it meets the standards of American Boer Goat Association.

Apart from this these goats and livestocks are also considered to be hearty meat animals which are included in some of the most high end produce. Our clients include some of the most popular restaurants and meat shops around the country that believe in providing only hundred percent organic bred animals to their customers.

Or the other hand these livestocks are also highly functional and adaptable which means that you can use them for your own requirements. Some of the animals that you can find at our farm includes boer goats, cutting horses, sheeps and chickens. Apart from this we also raise both dropers and white dropers so that you have a range to select.

We have recently begun to buy coffee in bulk wholesale to pair with our goat's milk, butter, and cheese offerings. We are currently working on a cold brew milk drink with our coffee supplier, Driven Coffee. If all goes well we will be introducing a flavored cheese line as well, with espresso, chocolate and red wine flavor bases. Learn more →



If you're looking to know more about why our organization is considered to be one of the best livestock breeders in the United States of America then reading about our farm is a must. You can also get in touch with us for more details.
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